Being safe is no simple or single decision, or task. Follow My Lead, 2018.

We recognise that you are already active in resisting the violence, building safety for yourself and others, and managing risk by constantly:

  • Self-assessing your safety and watching for changes in risk and forecasting risk
  • Building your safety and awareness through information and experience
  • Inventing and implementing ways to keep yourself and the people you care for safe.

The Benefit/Risk Decision Making Framework is a tool to support your decision making.


I have an idea about what to do next


If I do this, what will be the benefits for me?


What harm or threat would that be to my safety and wellbeing?


In what ways (strategies) could I reduce the risk of harm without losing the benefits?

On balance

On balance, do I need to decide now?
What are my next steps?
Who could help me with these?

Support Services Options

  • If you are in immediate danger please contact the Police¬†000