DVSM resources provide detail about the work we do within our organisation to prevent, respond to and support recovery from domestic and family violence and homelessness.

Sightlines Portfolio

Sightlines Portfolio and Projects Portfolio

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Sightlines Associates Projects

Which Way Now?

This project was undertaken to enable DVSM ROAR program staff to better understand the needs and requirements of clients with visa limitations.
It is recognised that the needs of someone who has left a relationship for reasons of DFV are complex. This complexity can be magnified as a result of visa limitations due to specific legal implications and access to social services.

Do You See Me? Do You Hear Me?

This project was undertaken to explore how DVSM ROAR works with children who have been affected by DFV. The project had three aims:
• To better understand the needs of children affected by DFV;
• To better respond to children’s wellbeing needs; and
• To build processes and practices to invite and listen to children’s voices.

Can I Trust You?

The project was undertaken to build DVSM’s understanding of the impact of; and response to family violence for Aboriginal communities in Western Sydney. Through this work DVSM aimed to build an understanding of:
• What contribution (if any) DVSM could make as a mainstream organisation working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to address issues of family violence;
• How to work effectively with Aboriginal communities, and what is needed to resource this response; and
• Who to work with to do this.

Rapid Evidence Assessments

Effectiveness of Interventions for Female Adult Victims

The purpose of this Rapid Evidence Assessment was to understand what we currently know (and don’t know) about which practices work (and don’t work) in supporting women experiencing or escaping DFV.

Children and Domestic and Family Violence: A rapid evidence assessment

This REA summarises: what the research evidence tells us about how DFV affects children; the evidence-base for interventions with and for children; and the literature on how good practice is supported.

Reflection Papers

Reflections Paper 02 - DVSM Sightlines DFV and ABI Intersection

The following paper provides a review of some of the key issues and includes:
• Questions and critical analysis
• Recommendations, from the perspective of DVSM’s frontline Domestic and Family Violence workers, that DVSM could reasonably undertake; and
• Considerations on how the intersection of DFV and ABI may affect the clients that DVSM works with.

Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders

Factsheet and information for you about Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders.

Child Protection

Factsheet and information for you about Child Protection.

Financial Abuse

Factsheet and information for you about Financial Abuse.

Relationship Debt

Factsheet and information for you about Relationship Debt.

Self Represented Litigants in the Family Law Courts

Factsheet and information for you about Self Represented Litigants in the Family Law Courts.

  • If you are in immediate danger please contact the Police 000