Violence is in every town and community across the country. Violence is an injustice and is an offence to a person’s dignity, compromising a person’s safety and undermining their wellbeing and the dignity and wellbeing of the people they care for and who care for them. However violence is preventable and the responsibility for addressing it rests with us all.

Why support our work?

Two key realities drive our work:

  • “67% of women sought support from a friend or family member more than other supports” (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Report (2018))
  • ‘‘Social Responses’ are the most potent preventative force” (Dr Linda Coates)

In order to address these realities we need to support:

  • People experiencing Domestic and Family Violence who may not now or ever reach out to services like ours
  • Individuals, organisations and communities to have greater awareness and understanding of violence and to be prepared to respond in ways that uphold dignity and build on safety.

DVSM is committed to ensuring that any resources we produce, any events we host, and information we share is free and without cost barriers to people and communities who need it most. The support of donors is key to enabling DVSM to continue to work in this way.

Despite the prevalence, violence is largely misunderstood. Further, the significant meaning of social responses to violence is largely underestimated, unsupported and under informed. Domestic and Family Violence is a shared social issue and we all have a role to play. This role needs to be well understood, well informed and well supported. DVSM’s work centres on the expertise and diverse voices of people with lived experience of violence.

Your donation goes towards Insight Exchange, a DVSM initiative, which is designed to strengthen social responses to Domestic and Family Violence.

Your donation will support:

People with lived experiences of violence to:

  • Have the opportunity to have a voice and share their experience of violence in a safe ethical way that affirms their agency and upholds their dignity
  • Have a role in informing positive social change
  • Support others through sharing their own experiences
  • Have the potential benefit from sense making their own experiences.

Individuals and communities to understand violence and to respond in more informed ways through engagement with:

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  • If you are in immediate danger please contact the Police 000