Why Volunteer to support DVSM’s work?

DVSM is committed to ensuring that any materials it produces, any events it hosts, and information it shares is free and without cost barriers to people and communities who need it most.

Two key elements drive the priorities of our work.

  • “67% of women sought support from a friend or family member more than other supports” (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Report (2018)) – How can we support people experiencing Domestic and Family Violence who may not now or ever reach out to services like us?
  • ‘‘Social Responses’ are the most potent preventative force”(Dr Linda Coates) – How can we support social and service responders in understanding the complexities of Concepts of Safety from the lead, perspective, and voice of people experiencing abuse?

In order to develop these priority areas we need to work in new ways with new resources and supportive skilled volunteers.


In what ways can you offer your skills?

Many people find it meaningful to share the skills they have rather than trying to support in areas or activities outside of their experience.

Skilled Volunteering with DVSM is not a high volume or long term commitment. We commit to only engaging skilled volunteers on a fit for purpose basis per project.

We work respectfully to communicate project briefs and expectations. We book your time in advance and acknowledge your contribution to our work.

If you already work in one or more of these industry areas and are keen to contribute your time and expertise please Contact Us.

To uphold the dignity, privacy and safety of the people we directly support we do not offer volunteering opportunities on site at our services where people are living their day to day lives and planning their next steps.

Key work

1. Supporting people experiencing DFV through reflective and supportive resources that can be explored independently and in a person’s own timing

2. Enabling opportunity for people to share their lived experience of Domestic and Family Violence in safe, ethical and supported ways through our Insight Exchange concept

3. Building capacity of social and service responders in their understanding of and responses to people who are experiencing/escaping Domestic and Family Violence

4. Using Insight to facilitate connections and redress gaps within the service system and wider ecosystem through Creating Conversations Events, and engagement in Insight Exchange


DVSM would welcome skilled volunteering to support our key work in the following areas:

Creative & Digital Production

  • Digital design
  • Digital facilitation
  • Videography
  • Video editing
  • Acting skills
  • Graphic design


  • Copy and Communications support
  • Transcript (certified) work
  • Website design

Leadership, Influence and Project Experience

If you have skills and/or resources in these areas and keen to support our work in this way or have an alternative contribution we would welcome the opportunity to discuss any questions you may have about our work or about skilled volunteering.


  • If you are in immediate danger please contact the Police 000