Domestic and Family Violence is a cross cutting national issue affecting all postcodes and communities. We cannot ‘arrest our way out of this problem’.

We require a whole of government and community response to achieve long term change. This must include a focus on the prevention of violence and an early response that is tailored to the unique needs of the person experiencing violence.

Government alone cannot solve the problem. Corporate, Cultural, Faith and Local communities play an important role in the prevention and response to violence, and how we work better with these communities is emerging as we learn.

Looking ahead

We will continue to work to improve service delivery and social and system responses for people experiencing/escaping Domestic and Family Violence.

Our efforts will continue to span across work with individuals in client services, in program design, with communities, each other and other agencies, with system leads and with organisations and influencers in the wider ecosystem (beyond the human services system).


We know that change at all levels is needed and that we can contribute in a meaningful way as we listen to individuals and communities about their lived experiences of DFV, the insights they hold and their hopes for change.

Through Sightlines Professional Services we will continue to document our learning through Project and Initiatives, sharing these online and through round tables, structured conversations across system boundaries and small and large scale presentations, and through our partnership work.

Our stability and sustainability is underpinned by the supports of our Organisational Services across all levels, and we will continue to optimise opportunities to streamline processes and harness technologies that keep us accessible and relevant.

Above all we know that our work is improved when shaped by the contributions and insight of people with lived experience of DFV. We believe that people experiencing DFV need information to weigh up their options so they can choose the next steps in rebuilding their lives. Restoring their control and dignity.

We believe that in order to have ‘informed choice’ there needs to be information available that is relevant, accessible, accurate and safe. A key priority and challenge ahead for us it is to collate this myriad of information in an organised accessible way. We will continue to design this with people who have lived experience of DFV because they know what they need when they need it most.

  • If you are in immediate danger please contact the Police 000