Domestic Violence NSW Service Management (DVSM) is a registered charity (ABN: 26-165-400-635) which aims to prevent and to provide support for people escaping/experiencing Domestic and Family Violence and homelessness.

DVSM provides support services in an urban context (Inner Sydney), in a suburban context (Western Sydney) and in remote rural NSW (Wilcannia). DVSM also provides professional services (Sightlines) to build capacity and share learning about Domestic and Family Violence within the Community Services sector and more broadly with the wider ecosystem of corporations, organisations, institutions, online and local communities.

Our Vision is for a world where women, families and communities live free from violence, have equal rights, opportunities and the freedom to reach their potential.

Our Purpose is to build individual and community safety and wellbeing.

Our Challenge

Domestic and Family Violence is a cross cutting national issue affecting all postcodes and communities.

We cannot ‘arrest our way out of this problem’. We require a whole of government and community response to achieve long term change. This must include a focus on the prevention of violence and an early response that is tailored to the unique needs of the person experiencing violence.

Government alone cannot solve the problem. Corporate, Cultural, Faith and Local communities play an important role in the prevention and response to violence, and how we work better with these communities is emerging as we learn.

About our Work

We are committed to continuously learning and improving our work through enquiries that draw from communities, professionals and organisations to gather insight and to build new understanding. We capture and document our learning wherever we can for our own self-reflection and for the purpose of contributing to wider conversations that could assist in improving system and service design over time.

We have three key service divisions:


  • If you are in immediate danger please contact the Police 000